During the growth of the Industrial Revolution society had made major changes within the culture, economically, and socially. There were many reasons that played in addition to the advancement of our society industrial time period. Technology had played a significant part in the Industrial revolution, with the progression of machines, waterpower and steam power. One that stands out the most is ball bearing, created by the inventor Leonardo De Vinci, because it was undoubtedly way ahead of its time. The ball bearing was created in (1498-1500) to lower the friction between two plates that would be in contact in his other famous design for the Helicopter. The ball bearing man fiction smoother and substantially faster, ragging an object by making the friction act over a shorter distance as the wheel turned. This provide assistance with machines like the wheel & axel, and material production like, wool, cotton, sapphire, jewels, pottery, glass, and etc. It could be argued that the ball bearing could be the actual historical turning point in the Industrial Revolution. The bearing was adapted to suit its environment and it contributed to technological advances. The advances also increased the production, which speeds up the economy and help grows our civilization.

The ball barring was extremely beneficial even in our time, with it being incorporated into our computer.life.http://www.cyclorama.net/images/articleImages/cycling_history/leonardo/ball_race.jpg

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