Benito Mussolini was born July 29th 1883.  Mussolini was the son of a blacksmith, and became a very rebellious little boy. Because of lack of resources and a desire to avoid service in the Military, Mussolini moved to Switzerland where he became an active Socialist, following in his fathers footsteps.  Later he returned to Italy and was kicked out of a socialist group for his support of World War I. After World War I he designed what is known as the Fascist Party, he wanted to take over the government.  Mussolini organized a march on Rome, but since the King was fearful, made Mussolini the Prime Minister.  Mussolini tried to fool everyone by telling people he had actually taken over the Government in a forceful manner, but this was not so.  In 1925 Mussolini declared himself Dictator of Italy.  He became pretty popular among the people for his economic strategies.  Mussolini was very power hungry and therefore invaded Ethiopia because of his success, Adolf Hitler took interest in Mussolini and the two signed a military alliance called “The Pact of Steel”, this alliance is what would bring Italy into a war no Italian wanted, and lead to Mussolini’s death.  In 1945 Mussolini was shot and killed, his body was hung in Milan Plaza, and his reign of 10 years came to an end (Benito Mussolini, 2015 & The Fully Biography of Benito Mussolini).


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    Benito Mussolini: Fascism : Western Civilization II Guides

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