The Queen of France, Mary Antoinette ruled during a time of suffering for the French people. Antoinette on the other hand lived lavishly and took advantage of her wealth. She was a woman, Austrian and a member of the top Aristocracy so one could understand how hostility could be directed her way. The members of the french general community aimed all their rage towards her and her life sadly suffered.

It was once thought that she spoke out to free her starving subjects from their suffering at the Palace of Versailles. This myth however has been proven false. The saying ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ was however introduced by political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his autobiography “Confessions” when the queen was just a child. By the time she ruled the phrase was well known by all of France and was used to describe the disconnection between The Aristocracy and the people.

Being the target of all the hate springing from the French subjects it’s not really surprising that she was accused of such an act. Marie Antoinette had once showed a little sense of sympathy with donations to the poverty so the accusation wasn’t outrageous and could have been believable. In result of her blame she was put on trial by the Revolutionary Tribunal and found guilty of treason and sentenced to her death along with her husband.




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