The Italian Renaissance, was a time period of intellectual revival and culture after the relative stagnation that characterized the dark ages.  Many great minds and amazingly talented people are attributed to the Renaissance era.  These men were artists, politicians, scientists, mathematicians, doctors, philosophers, and otherwise great thinkers.  The term “Renaissance Man”originated with regards to these Renaissance thinkers.  “Renaissance Man” refers to one who has many talents and great knowledge in multiple fields.  In this era of incredibly gifted men one man shines above the rest and he is considered the definitive Renaissance Man.  This man’s name is Leonardo da Vinci, he was all the embodiment of the Renaissance within in one man.

Leonardo was born in Anchiano, Tuscany in the year 1452, his parents never married and he was raised at his father’s family villa.  He was taught only basic reading, writing and math, but was apprenticed to the painter Andrea del Verrocchio at the age of 15.  During his tutelage with Andrea he refined his artistic skills as well as his mechanical arts skills.  In the year 1478 Leonardo became an independent master painter.  His next conquest of the arts would be sculpting which became Leonardo’s prime job when he began working for the Sforza family around 1482. Very little of Leonardo’s artworks survived, however two of his most famous works have stood the test of time.  The Mona Lisa and the last supper, both famous works of Leonardo’s.

Leonardo would also begin to draw up the designs for advanced weapons of war, several of his theoretical weapons resemble tanks, helicopters and submarines of today’s modern weapons.  His understanding of mechanics and the accuracy of which his designs represent true genius.  Da Vinci also had a keen understanding of the human body and anatomy, his views on nature and medicine far beyond others understanding.

Truly Leonardo da Vinci was The Renaissance Man.  His understandings of so many fields of intelligence giving credence to the brilliance of this man.



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