Some view the Renaissance as a break away from religious dominance of humanity.  While it did distance itself from religious influence it didn’t completely drop religion either.  In fact many great renaissance paintings and sculptors are church works, be they commissioned or otherwise.  Indeed christian influences seem intertwined with the renaissance almost as much as science and progress have been entwined in it.

Christian work painted by various Renaissance men are plenty: The Last Supper, The Creation of Adam, Wedding at Cana, various Madonnas, Salome with the Head of John The Baptist.  This fusion of renaissance culture with religious stories forms one of the backbones of Renaissance culture.


The Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese, a painting of a bible story in which Jesus performs his first miracle by turning water to wine.  Here you can see the entwined nature of the renaissance and religious story.  The characters all wear the clothing associated with the renaissance and not of the bible.  Therefore Veronese has melded christianity into Renaissance culture.


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