As was happening in Germany in those years, also in Italy the propaganda was one of the factors contributed the most to the affirmation of the regime. New generations understandably constituted the main targets of the campaign of fascist indoctrination. The sense of virility and power had to be communicated to them through an educational system. In 1930 Mussolini proclaimed that the whole complex of the habits of the Italians must be reformed. For this reason, the regime staged a vast system of vetoes and requirements that invested every area, from the formulas to be used in official letters,to forms of greeting (was abolished the handshake), clothing (which imposed to men black shirt) and especially the language, which who considered particular attention. The radio, more than the cinema, will be a powerful new method of propaganda. However, even television continued to be a way of controlling the masses, especially with the establishment of the “Istituto Luce” who took care to present to the audience the events of contemporary history in a way that seemed more appropriate to the fascist propaganda. In the video shown below, the Istituto Luce illustrates Italians images of the bombing of Rome.


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