The Nazi propaganda

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The Fuhrer of the Great Reich was able to take advantage of who can legitimately be described as probably the greatest talent of the last century propagandism, Joseph Goebbels.
Thanks to this man, minute and maimed in body but of extraordinary intelligence, the National Socialist ideology became the reference point in the daily life of every German; it bevame the reason why every Aryan had to sacrifice its existence.
Goebbels was an outstanding orator and his exceptional talent greatly contributed to the rise of the power of the Nazis, a small political party that, in a few years, would be able to win the undisputed supremacy, first in Germany, then in the whole Europe.
In the years before his appointment as chancellor of the Reich, Adolf Hitler used with increasing frequency Goebbels for persuading the masses; in fact, the people were completely impassioned and ecstatic by his daring and fiery speeches, that were focused on the need to bring the Germany humiliated by the powers winners back to the glories of the past.
Goebbels was appointed leader of propaganda in 1929 and he concentrated an enormous power in his hands, even because he was the leadership of the newly formed Department of culture; he had an absolute control on cinema, music, printing, theater, radio, television and art.
However, it was the radio, increasingly common in houses of the Germans, the most widely used tool by the powerful minister for the indoctrination of the masses.
In the imagination of the Ministry of Propaganda, Adolf Hitler had to appear in the eyes of the Germans as a deity, as an entity above everyone and everything, which reserve blind devotion.
Nazi propaganda produced documentaries and films, to affirm the doctrines codified in Mein Kampf and then to persuade the Germans about the need to eliminate those that were considered racially inferior races.
The best chance to make known, in the eyes of the world, the power and greatness of the Third Reich, however, was represented by the Berlin Olympics of 1936, whose documentation was given by the propaganda ministry to the great Leni Riefensthal who, on that occasion, surpassed herself, creating the extraordinary “Olympia”. In this movie she tried to highlight every detail designed to enhance the cult of physical perfection, embodied in the myth of the pure Aryan race.
Therefore, the incessant pounding by the propaganda ministry fundamentally contributed to create the kind of mass delirium that characterized the pre-war Germany, totally enslaved and dominated by an ideology which, just a few years later, would have reduced the country to a heap of ruins.




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