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In the period of Industrial Revolution, the movement called the Luddite Movement was occurred by factory workers. People in this movement were afraid of new technologies because they think new machines in the factory from more advanced technologies will replace them and take their jobs away. Machines can do more works than normal labors, so original labors in the factory felt scary. That fear for losing jobs made labors to move on violent acts. They started to raid factories and destroyed machines. People who caught by polices argued that Ned Ludd is the leader of this movement, and the name of Luddite movement was named after the leader’s name.


The original Luddite Movement was weakened by the government’s strict punishments. However, the ideas being afraid of new machines and technologies is inherited to people in the present. Some people are still afraid of new technologies and try to avoid those. They oppose to technological innovations to solve current problems in the world such as environmental pollution, biological weapons and any problems which can produce danger threatening human beings.


In the present period, new wave of Luddite movement has became popular again, and people who avoid new technologies and follow the spirit of new Luddite movement are called as Neo-Luddites. The difference between old Luddites and Neo-Luddites is Neo-Luddites do not use direct violence to get rid of technologies, but both of them focus on the anti-technology.


Paul Josephson,  the specialist on the former Soviet Union, described about Neo-Luddite in the famous TED lecture. He argues current large scale technological system irreversible human and environmental costs so everyone needs to be Neo-Luddites. In his his argument, various threats including terror attacks developed by new technologies can make human to fall in danger being based on his experiences on various regions including Siberia, Russian Arctic and Amazon.



“TEDxDirigo – Paul Josephson – Why We All Need to Be Neo-Luddites.” Youtube. Accessed Decenber 10, 2015.


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