The Holocaust

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Holocaust, the word, originates from Greek words and originally was used to describe sacrificial offerings burned at an altar. Since 1945, people have used that word in a different term. During WWII, the murder of 6 million Jews (among other groups), was named the Holocaust. Adlof Hitler blamed the Jews for the downfall of Germany after WWI and Hitlers “final solution,” was put into motion.

By July 1939, Jews were taken from their homes and sent to ghettos. Jewish ghettos were surrounded by high walls and barbed wire. In addition to unemployment, hunger and poverty; the overpopulation problem made the ghettos a place of much infection. In late 1941, started the mass transports of Jews from the ghettos to concentration camps. While in the camps, prisoners were separated from family members and friends. The unhealthy and unable to work were immediately killed. The healthier prisoners, were put to cruel work. All the prisoners were extremely malnourished. In the death camp, Auschwitz, 2 million were killed.

Spring of 1945 German leadership was beginning to disintegrate and April 30th, Hitler committed suicide. Germany officially surrendered May 8th, 1945.


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