In this timeline, it shows the viewer the chronological order of when the great technological advances of Britain for the textile and agricultural industries that were introduced between the years of 1709 and 1858. 1709 Abraham Darby introduced coke smelting to his ironworks at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire. 1712 The first workable steam-powered engine was developed […]

Timeline of Medical Advancements

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1816 René Laënnec invents the stethoscope. 1844 Dr. Horace Wells, American dentist, uses nitrous oxide as an anesthetic. 1846 Boston dentist Dr. William Morton demonstrates ether’s anesthetic properties during a tooth extraction. 1849 Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman to receive a medical degree. It was from Geneva Medical College in Geneva, New York. 1867 […]


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“Industrial Revolution in Manchester is considered to be an important chapter in the history of Manchester: The Industrial Revolution is associated with the industrialization of the English city of Manchester, making it the center of textile industry in Great Britain. This transformation began in 1761, because the Duke of Bridgewater began bringing in inexpensive coal […]

Child Labor in the Industrial Age

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Child Labor in the Industrial Age Ages and Hours: Boys, and girls, as young as six could be employed in a factory. This meant quitting school, if they had ever attended, to work an average of 12-14 hours a day, although some factories were as much as 18-19 hours a day. There were usually two […]

With the new flow of technology and advances in machinery, businessmen could produce significant amounts of products in a shorter amount of time. The factory owners would provide the machines, tools, and material, and all they needed were able-bodied workers. However, the type of workers were different then past times. Factory owners could hire any […]