The Eclipse of Postwar Optimism (part 2)

December 4, 2009 | | Comments Off on The Eclipse of Postwar Optimism (part 2)

  • In 1945, 51 nations established the United Nations in San Francisco- reigning in a new era of international cooperation.
  • Germany played virtually no role in the reconstruction of Europe.
  • Soviet and Western forces held the most power.
  • Rise of the Labour Party. (Communists enjoy freedoms and some popularity briefly after 1945)
  • New Divide- East vs. West- Communist vs. Capitalist
  • In Russia-> reinforcement of negative views towards the “West”-> recognition that destruction/encroachment has always originated in the West; i.e. Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Hitler
  • 1945 Yalta Conference with Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. They agreed on an unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany and broke it into four occupied zones. They demanded Germany pay war reparations. Churchill pushed for free elections in Poland.
  • 1945 Potsdam Conference with Stalin, Churchill, Truman, and Attlee[who defeated Churchill in the British election that took place during the conference]. They discussed allied control of Germany, war reparations, the Oder/Neisse Line, and Poland.
  • Russia’s Red Army installed “puppet regimes” in Eastern Europe; they overthrew governments in Czechoslovakia and Hungary.
  • Churchill declared that an “Iron Curtain” had been established between the West and the East. He also stressed the importance of allied democracies in the West.
  • In 1948, the Soviet Union blockaded western allied forces access to Berlin. The Western Allies responded with the Berlin Airlift. (see video) The Berlin Airlift

Erin H. (The Eclipse of Postwar Optimism- part 1 {Existentialism}  & 2]


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