The words and concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism have changed in meaning since the nineteenth century.  Modern conservatives want less government intervention in their lives, which is the exact opposite of what it meant to be a conservative in the nineteenth century.  Another term for conservatism in this century is monarchism, as conservatives desired social stability through monarchical rule.  Conservatives believed in tradition and hierarchy to govern over a nation.  There were three main essential anchors of social harmony: Monarchy, Aristocracy and Church.  They did not believe that all men were created equal, and that some men were in fact born greater than others.  A nation has to have a wide reach into the lives of its citizens and that each nation was dedicated to increasing the power of the nation.

Liberals took another approach to the conservative thought of government intervention in its citizens’ lives.  They believed that each individuals had inherent rights and every citizen should be able to work their way up in the social class of the nation.  Their goal was complete economic, personal and political freedom.  Liberals were made up of primarily the middle class.  While the liberals sound like the good guys in the nineteenth century, it is important to keep in mind that they did not believe in giving power to women, the poor nor the uneducated.  Conservatism vs Liberalism was a battle between monarchs and the middle class to gain power.

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  1.    Ron on January 7, 2012 8:53 am

    Ok, if liberalism is a better for the human race how can you say the world is a better place, safer, and more productive. All the great socialist countries/governments have short life spans. USSR was once a socialist country, Europe today is now turning away from socialism as it does work. How stupid is USA, Answer: We are acting very stupid thinking giveaway programs financed by hard working Americans is a smart move, rise up and resist the Obama Stash of free give away money. Would you hire someone to roof your house if they refused to climb the ladder and roof your house. Do you get it now, work you eat, work buy a car, work gain self respect, get it now D.A.

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