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My second primary source paper was on Jame I of England and The True Law of Free Monarch.  King James I believed that he was chosen by God to be a King and wrote The True Law of Free Monarch. Then by looing at his portrait, I analyze any iconography in the portrait that shows his belief of absolute power.

James I believed in divine right of kings and also wrote The true law of Free Monarchies. Divine right of kings’ concept was that God appoints who becomes a king and king’s power comes from God alone. Therefore, he had been appointed to be a king by God and thought he was the rightful king.   The true law of Free Monarchies was James I idea that his only responsibility was God, not the people and he was free from all constrains, including laws. His belief of God appoints king led to his thought of his will was God’s will. God’s will was his will as well. The part where he mentions responsibility was the sense that since his will was God’s will, whatever the king does wrong, it was God’s will. Therefore everyone should be loyal to him and expects complete obedience.  This The true law of Free Monarchies showed that James did not believe in balance of power.

Two primary sources used were portrait of James I and picture cover page of The true law of Free Monarchies. James I ruled England with the thought of that everyone in the country should obey him and completely loyal to him. Both of the sources are related in terms of they are under the same idea of absolutism. There are some iconographies in the portrait of James I that shows his absolute ruling power and The true law of Free Monarchies was an example of the his idea of king’s power.




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  1.    jce12 on May 2, 2012 10:00 pm

    This sounds like a really good topic for a paper! You should upload the actual paper, I’m interested in reading it. –Jessica Elder

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