Young Italy

May 1, 2012 | | Comments Off on Young Italy

Young Italy was a group of nationalist believers who aimed to create (or at least help to spur on) a unified Italy. Giuseppe Mazzini, founder of Young Italy, began this organization in 1831 with the hopes of causing a chain reaction through those in the group itself and outsiders, also. The chain reaction he was hoping to accomplish was for the people of Italy to rise up and fight for their country to be free of foreign rule and most importantly to be unified. Having a unified country, in Mazzini’s opinion, would help the country to further itself and be better able to defend itself when necessary. After a while, Young Italy began to branch out to other areas of Italy that were also interested in a unified country. Eventually, the Austrians declared Young Italy and any participation with the group as high treason, causing the members to disperse. After a little bit of time, however, an organization under the name of Young Europe began to surface, with the beliefs “of men believing in a future liberty, equality and fraternity for all mankind; and desirous of consecrating their thoughts and actions to the realization of that future.” After Mazzini was exiled, another group by the name of Young Switzerland arose. Even though Mazzini was exiled, his plan to spread the word of nationalism and unifying your country under one name still made an impact, even if he was no longer able to participate.

Jessica Elder


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