Denis Diderot

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Denis Diderot, born in 1713, became an Enlightenment thinker who argued that only a person who is rational could find true knowledge and can lead mankind to progress and happiness. Then,  from1751 to 1772, the 28-volume work was completed with mathematician  Jean d’Alembert. The Encyclopedie was originally formatted to the the translated English encyclopedia in circulation, but Diderot and d’Alembert took a different route. Instead they accomplished bringing out “the essential principles and applications of every art and science.”

Below is a compilation of quotes made by Diderot


These quotes encompass Diderot’s philosophical thoughts. He encouraged others to embrace the actions of the philosophers’ world in order to think for themselves. He also said that passions are important in life and that one must look at the smaller picture, so to say, in order to guide oneself through the metaphorical darkness. Only with existentialism can a person look at an event or idea from every angle. Diderot’s thought on the existence of God was simply that he believed only things that could be proven from fact, which went along with other philosophers’ ideas during the time.

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– text by Julia Peery


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