Django Reinhardt: Beginnings of European Jazz

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Django Reinhardt was a Romani, Belgian jazz guitarist and composer. Revered as revolutionary to the world of jazz, making major contributions to the development European jazz. he invented a new style of jazz guitar technique. His music became tradition within gypsy culture.

During the outbreak of World War II , the Django’s original quintet was on tour in the United Kingdom. Reinhardt immediately   returned to his home in Paris. Grappelli remained in the United Kingdom for the duration of the war. Unlike many others of Reinhardt’s race who fell victim to the Nazi regime’s genocide of European Romanis, Reinhardt was lucky and survived the war. However, Reinhardt face more problems as the Nazi party officially disapproved of jazz. To avoid harassment by the Nazi regime, Reinhardt turned to writing other forms of music. Two of his more famous pieces, Mass for the Gypsies and Symphony and Rhythm Futur, were meant not intended to be like jazz at all.

Django Reinhardt- Jazz Guitar Genius

This video features some of Reinhardt’s main style of jazz guitar, before he had to change his style to escape the eye of the Nazi party.

Django Reinhardt- Rythm Furtur

This piece by Reinhardt is much different. It is more rhythmically driven and gets rid of many of his usual jazz elements. It is more of a modernist piece.

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