Salon Culture

November 25, 2013 | | Comments Off on Salon Culture

A salon culture in early France

Salons were established for one purpose and that was to seek knowledge. Elite men and women arranged these get together as a means of socializing and entertain each other. General discussions took place and topics of enlightenment ideas, where enlightenment thinkers shared various ideas about general topics that pertain to society and develop theories that critique original politics of the era.

Salons were arranged by elite women, the salonnière (hostess). These women were the caretakers of the salons. These women made sure that the salons were on topic according to an established agenda that they created and control invitations. Also they coordinate topics that were open for discussion, which they were accompanied by elite men.

Material edited and revised from previous post:

By: Karim Mian, Domingo Alvarez




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