Falling Empires: Russia, The Habsburgs, and the Ottoman

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The Habsburg, Ottoman, and Russian Empires all faced the challenge of nationalism in the wake of Nationalist movements throughout Western Europe. Both the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires ended up losing much territory during these uprisings and rebellions and both were dissolved after the First World War. The Russian Empire faced the challenge of not only nationalistic opposition, but also faced the challenge brought on by Communist Ideas. Though not dissolved like the other two empires, Russia did face a Communist Revolution which transformed it into the long standing Soviet Union, much like the Ottoman’s became Turkey and the Habsburg or Austro-Hungarian Empire became Austria.
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Retrieved from:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0knRNKaXKzc

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This youtube video shows the changes that the Habsburg Empire went through from 1282-2007. This is relevant to chapter 20: The Consolidation of Nation States, because it clearly shows the decline of the Habsburg Empire and explains what happens to this territory of the Austrian/Prussia War in 1866. It also shows how Italy wanted to be liberated from the Habsburg empire and what happens in 1831, territory wise, when they get their freedom. Created by: Caroline DeLuca edited by Patricia Kramer

The Habsburg Empire was declining in the mid-19th century as nationalism began to rise. Prussia was united to become Germany and Italy was unifying as well. The Hapsburg Empire, with it’s imperial structure was beginning to face opposition from its citizens as well. Though Franz Joseph gave small concessions here and there, such as a bicameral parliament, it would ultimately not save the empire. After a hard loss to Prussia in the war of 1866, The Empire was forced into a compromise with Hungary, splitting the territory into two territories and creating dual monarchies. The actions of Hungary caused other smaller sections to seek more sovereign power. With no obvious solution to this problem, the strings that tied the Empire together were falling apart. With the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by the Serbs in 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Empire went on the offense, leading to the beginning of the First World War. After the passing of Franz Joseph 1916, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, formally the Habsburg Empire, collapsed.
Image of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
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Destination Europa: Austria

Alexander II:
Image retrieved from: http://www.glogster.com/maddyworley3/czar-alexander-ii/g-6lv8978nn4ptpf5f742ssa0

Russia, like the Habsburgs, was facing issues and opposition from subjects who were watching the reforms taking place in Western Europe. Russia attempted to give the people some form of modernization and power by creating small local political councils, authorized by Tsar Alexander II.Insert pic of Alexander II However, after the assassination of Alexander II by a terrorist organization called the People’s Will, the new Tsar, Alexander III, threw massive amounts of money and power at government organizations such as the secret police in order to stop these acts of terror. This was followed by the rapid industrialization of the Russian Empire. The Tsar would eventually be forced to create a nation parliament formed by election and other compromises that drained the power from the Tsar himself. This would lead to the eventual Communist Revolution and the destruction of the Russian Empire and the Tsars.

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