This interview with Jack Mayer goes into detail on the Anti-Semitism that took place in Germany.  Mayer was born in Speyer Germany and was very young during his time, but is able to recall the anti-Semitism he experienced as a child.  He explains that he lived under the reign of Hitler for about 5 years before his family was able to come to America.  He goes into the fact that public schools were not longer an option for Jewish families, and that kids around his neighborhood who were not Jewish could no longer play with them.  He shares his experiences being beaten up by non-Jewish students.  Mayer recalls his fathers shoe store was also vandalized and Nazi parades would take place in the streets.  Jews were no longer allowed to do much of anything, the movies,  the library, swimming pools, etc, were off limits to the Jews.  Many laws were in place to keep Jewish people from doing much of anything, however, Mayer and his family were able to get out of Germany before things drastically took a turn for the worst.


Purnell, D. (2012). Jack Mayer Oral History Interview. Retrieved May 1, 2015, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI1b0AewOds


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