Primary Source Analysis

November 22, 2015 | | 2 Comments

The first source that I found is a picture of a newspaper article from World War II. The newspaper is The New York Times and they tell the public what is going on in the world. Even though it took a long time for the United States to get involved in World War II we were still informed about what was going on. We did not step into the war because we did not want to be involved with war. In this article the United States was made aware of what was happening all around the world. In 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and this catalyzed the rest of World War II. The United States did not realize that Hitler’s plans were to take over the world. He tried to do this by first trying to unify Europe and he got pretty far with his plan. Americans were not aware that this event would start another world war. Not only were we informed of Poland being invaded but we also found out about all the cities that were being bombed.

The second source that I found is an article from 1947. It is called the Marshall Plan in which the secretary of state gave a speech at the University of Harvard regarding the aftermath of World War II. He talks about the situation and how we can all see what has happened and how it is so difficult for anyone to wrap their heads around it. He goes on to say that it is hard for us to understand it because we are so far removed from the situation. He continues to talk about the destruction and loss of lives. The European economy is completely destroyed because of the preparations for war. Most businesses, insurances companies, banks, shipping companies, were lost or disappeared. Even confidence in the European currency has been shaken to the core. All of this has affected current production of goods and food. Both the citizens in the city and the country are struggling to survive. He says that we have to help Europe and try to return them to their prior economic state. He says that we are striving to fight poverty, hunger and desperation. We need to help revive the working class so they can get back on their feet. He suggested a program for the United States and Europe, where we could start to help Europe immediately.

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Source two: Marshall, George. “Marshall Plan.” Marshall Plan (Primary Source Document) (2009): 1. Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 Nov. 2015.


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