Dialectical Materialism

December 10, 2015 | 5 Comments

Martin Luther is known to be the most prominent figure in the Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church. Luther was a priest and professor of theology in the sixteenth century who fought to correct the misleading beliefs of Christianity. Luther was very strict with his view about how the Bible was the only source of […]

The Queen of France, Mary Antoinette ruled during a time of suffering for the French people. Antoinette on the other hand lived lavishly and took advantage of her wealth. She was a woman, Austrian and a member of the top Aristocracy so one could understand how hostility could be directed her way. The members of […]

The French Revolution was the focal point for political up-rise. The French suffered under an Absolute Monarchy and most people were denied their basic rights. Around 98 percent of the French Population were denied rights, limited land ownership and taxed heavily. These individuals known as the 3rd estate were in a bad position and resented […]