Footage of WWI

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Female Spies In WWI

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  Although women were not explicitly involved in the military until World War II, they were very active in the war effort during World War I. Many women served as spies, for and against the Allied Powers. Some of these women grew to great fame and one in particular even became synonymous with female spies[1]. […]

The Renaissance was a period of great advancements in the fields of science, and many great inventions emerged from this period that are still being used and improved upon today. One of the first notable inventions of the Renaissance was gunpowder, invented around 850 A.D. When the gun was developed by the English and Dutch […]

Martin Luther is known to be the most prominent figure in the Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church. Luther was a priest and professor of theology in the sixteenth century who fought to correct the misleading beliefs of Christianity. Luther was very strict with his view about how the Bible was the only source of […]

With the fall of Napoleon’s conquest and the rise of industrialization, Europe in the 1800s underwent a massive change that challenged the norms and traditions that had persisted for generations.  Europe’s rapid modernization brought along revolutionary thoughts and actions that shaped the world as it is today.  Oscar Wilde’s comedy The Importance of Being Earnest […]

When analyzing texts and illustrations of William Harvey, a scientific thinker critical in the progression of human understanding of anatomy, it may be easy to gloss over the detail and meaning within his illustrations. Humans of the information age have likely seen diagrams of the various organ systems and structures within the human body several […]

An Italian-born mathematician, biologist, and astronomer, Giovanni Alfonso Borelli (1608-1679), also known as the father of biomechanics, is often underappreciated in the conversation of significant men of learning during the Scientific Revolution. Like many of the historic philosophers and scientists of his time, Borelli focused on a wide spread of sciences and questions; a stark […]

[youtube][/youtube] As was happening in Germany in those years, also in Italy the propaganda was one of the factors contributed the most to the affirmation of the regime. New generations understandably constituted the main targets of the campaign of fascist indoctrination. The sense of virility and power had to be communicated to them through an […]

Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1564, a place and time in which the understanding of the universe was dictated, for the most part, by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Galileo considered dedicating his life to the Church and joining the priesthood as a young man. However, he instead decided to attend […]

Harry Fisher Primary Source Assignment The Italian Renaissance has two primary mediums through which its culture was expressed- art and theatre. Works of art from the Renaissance have had a lasting effect on the world of art. The Renaissance was the first point in the world’s history where art was truly becoming known as a […]

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