Absolute Timeline

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The Age of Absolutism is dated here as significant events led up to it as early as the 15th century and significant results are seen as late as the 19th sentury.  If you go to the link the timline is either text based or interactive: Absolute Timeline   The Age of Absolutism Timeline created by […]

Absolutism and The Divine Rights of Kings

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Posted by Chet Eichenbrenner Copied from a faculty page of the Univ. of Wisconsin, this post gives definitons of absolutism and the divine rights of kings in the areas where it was most concentrated.  The link is: Absolutism and the Divine Rights of Kings J.P.SOMMERVILLE   Absolutism and the Divine Right of Kings   351-17(2) […]

Absolutism in Eastern Europe

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Posted by Chet Eichenbrenner Although an offsite AP Review article, it brings up some facts that we did not cover in class about Absolutism in Eastern Europe.  Here’s the link: Absolutism in Eastern Europe   ABSOLUTISM IN EASTERN EUROPE: Austria, Russia and Prussia In many respects the rise of absolutism was a natural response to […]

Posted by Chet Eichenbrenner This Library of Congress website is stuctured to depict several of the monumental representations of French culture during Absolutism.  The Link to the website is LoC on French Culture       HOME – Introduction – Monarchs & Monasteries – Path to Royal Absolutism Rise and Fall of the Absolute Monarchy […]

An Interesting Look at King James I of England

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Posted by Chet Eichenbrenner King James I This is a positional interest essay on King James I of England, almost denouncing him as a good man that translated the bible.   It is a gospel website and is factually based as I saw from other research (even the sodomy part), but is still opinionated.  So, while reading, take […]

Absolutism in France By Chet Eichenbrenner Western Civilization II April 19, 2012             Absolutism is historically noted as the gain of absolute power in the monarchy in Europe during the 17th century.  King Louis XIV was the ruler of France during the 17th century.  His kingdom can be summed up in a personal quote that […]

Timeline – Webpage Headed by Louis XIV The content is as follows, go to the webpage to expand the information on any other distinction in the timeline: Louis XIV, The Sun King     1638 – 1715Royalty Statesmen Bourbon Enlightenment France Government Paris Reformation Renaissance Rulers Spain Icons People 17th Century 18th Century Back <!–// –>   […]

Marie de Medici

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Peter Paul Rubens The Life of Marie de’ Medici Portrait of Marie de’ Medici.  c. 1622.  Oil on canvas, 130 x 108 cm.  Museo del Prado, Madrid. Image Source:  Olga’s Gallery     It was in January of 1622 that Marie de’ Medici, the widow of King Henri IV of France, first summoned the Flemish artist […]